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Non-Force Instrument Adjusting


The hand-held Activator instrument is specifically designed to deliver a controlled, light and fast thrust without undue strain to the patient.

When any force, such as a chiropractic adjustment, intrudes into the body, muscles in the involved area are automatically contracted by reflex mechanism, in order to protect that area from the intrusion. The Activator instrument produces a thrust which is quicker than the body's reflexes can respond and tighten up the local muscles. In other words, the thrust delivered by the instrument is so quick that it accelerates ahead of the body's tendency to tighten up and resist the thrust of an adjustment.

So, in simple terms, the force necessary to move and adjust the joint is developed by the "speed" of the instrument's thrust, and not by a high "force". So, although the Activator instrument produces a very effective thrust, it is felt as a very gentle sensation only.

This technique is most commonly used in patients who prefer a low-force correction without the traditional "hands-on" thrust.

Arthrostim Instrument Adjusting:

We also use an instrument called Arthrostim. This instrument is special because it can do things that no doctor can do with standard adjustments, such as adjusting you during movement, adjusting you into improved postures, adjusting you with minimal force, etc.

By delivering 10-12 small taps per second, we are able to divide the energy of a regular adjustment into 10-12 smaller impulses. The adjustment is therefore extremely comfortable even for those that are frail, don't like standard adjustments, or in many cases where it would be an advantage to use the Arthrostim.

Because the Arthrostim is so gentle, it is able to stimulate specific nerves that block pain without causing any discomfort. Patients really appreciate the fact that our office is unique with this regard.

Percussor therapy:

Percussor therapy is an effective method to help muscle, tendon and ligament problems. It is very comfortable for patients with fibromyalgia because it effectively helps trigger points without deep pressure and painful injections.

The Percussor is used by professional sports teams to reduce pain within the muscles, enhance healing and prepare the athlete "for battle."

How it works is by delivering a wave of percussive impulses deep into the muscles. This promotes circulation in the muscle to decrease muscle spasms. This is very different from standard "massagers" that you can buy. The main function of the Percussor is that it produces a piezoelectric change deep in the muscles and fascia.