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How many Treatments are usual?

Obviously the number of treatments vary with different conditions and individuals. Chronic problems generally require more treatment than acute ones. Some patients notice an immediate improvement after the 1st treatment, whereas others many not notice any effect until the 7th or 8th visit. It's been shown that a certain percentage of patients receive maximum benefit up to 3 months following a course of therapy.

A small number of patient will receive a worsening of symptoms, as the body's energies are returning to normal. This is usual and no need for alarm. It is followed by improvement. Researchers internationally agree the usual number of treatments is between 10 and 15. Patients are usually seen 2-3 times per week.

Patients are urged not to enter an Acupuncture program with the thought of "taking a few" to see what will happen. You may see results after 1 or 2 treatments, but a program of 10 to 12 treatments is usually needed. Remember your problem usually didn't happen over night nor will it go away over night. Be patient...acupuncture works!