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Picture of Dr. Leon GonyoThe Doctor

Greetings, I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself. I am Dr. Leon Gonyo with the Stuart Family Chiropractic.

I know first hand what it's like to be in pain, lots of it, due to a work related injury. I was struck by a backhoe (earth moving equipment), although that's not what really hurt me. It was the six foot fall into a trench, landing on my neck and shoulder that caused my injury. The fall and the way I landed compressed and herniated several discs in my neck.

As a result, I lost 50% of my upper body strength. I felt the jabbing of pins and needles in both arms and the pain and headaches were horrible. Hell, it hurt just to butter toast!

I was referred to a neurosurgeon and he suggested a fusion of my C5, C6 and C7 discs. At the time I would have agreed to almost anything to relieve the pain - but he mentioned that there was a 30% chance that I would become paralyzed from the surgery!
At this point I didn't feel I had much hope. I called my mother and she suggested that I see a Chiropractor. I made an appointment with Dr, Jeff Rossner and he took my history, examined me and then took x-rays. The next day he confirmed that I had pinched nerves (subluxations), but he said he could help!

It was amazing! After just the first adjustment by Dr. Rossner, my pain greatly diminished. By the end of a few weeks, I was off all the muscle relaxers and pain pills!

This experience stirred such a passion within me, I decided to change my career and become a Chiropractor dedicating my life to provide hope, relief and renewed health to others who, just like me, are experiencing unnecessary pain and are in need of corrective spinal care.

After reading this far, I'm sure you realize how strongly I feel about the positive impact chiropractic care can have on your overall health and wellness. I have experienced it!

Because of my personal experience with being traumatically injured I have focused on the needs of those who have suffered from accidents and injury. Consequently, I have established myself with like-minded physicians which include neurologists, orthopedists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and licensed massage therapists.

As well, to provide patients with the best holistic care possible I became board certified in medical acupuncture. This provides additional measures for treating troubling conditions with great success.

I invite you to come in to our office for a consultation, comprehensive exam and x-rays to see how chiropractic care can help provide you and your family with enhanced health and wellness.

Don't just settle for putting up with the little aches and pains to which you've grown accustomed. Don't think your aches and pains are normal. THEY'RE NOT! Why not feel your ultimate best? Why settle for being limited and restricted when you could be able to do those things you used to do and even take for granted?

We are committed to bringing out the BEST in YOU! I look forward to meeting you soon.

Your Health Is Your Wealth - Feel Great Again

Dr. Leon D. Gonyo, D.C., F.I.A.M.A.